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Reuben Keyes

Reuben Keyes was awarded with both the TINZT Academic Scholarship and the New Zealand School of Tourism Student of the Year Scholarship late last year. He has had a successful year having completed Level 4 and due to complete the Level 5 Hotel and Hospitality Management Diploma in the coming months. This year he was appointed as Diploma Class Leader at the NZST. His authentic approach, ethical reasoning, combined with his cultural awareness to be able to get alongside others, provides a positive support for his peers. His role has also given him the opportunity to present responsive ideas to management.

Reuben is passionate about the work in progress in Christchurch, and is excited to see the city moving forward and improving on what was there before, to re-position the city as a major domestic and international attraction for New Zealand tourism.

His strengths in leadership and his vision for the tourism sector are what drives him and where he ultimately sees himself excel.